Wrought Iron Railings Vs. Aluminum

Wrought Iron Railings Vs Aluminum

When it comes to selecting the perfect railing for your home or commercial space, two very popular options are wrought iron and aluminum. You want to choose the material that works best for your needs so ask yourself what you want out of your railings.

Add Beauty & Value To Your Home

Wrought iron is a timeless material that has been used for centuries in architecture, construction, and many other industries. Its traditional classy and elegant look makes it an easy choice for someone who wants a bit of history, but it can also be customized to look sleek and modern. Wrought iron is a great investment in your home, whether your railings are inside or outside.

  • Up Your Curb Appeal
  • Impress Guests In Your Home
  • Add Value If You Sell
  • No Need To Replace In A Hurry

Aluminum Is Easy To Do-It-Yourself

Aluminum is a lightweight, low-cost material that is widely used in many industries, including construction and manufacturing because it is plentiful and cheap. It’s very popular among people who like to DIY because you can find a railing at a local hardware store and put it in without much work. For someone who wants to put up a railing very quickly, aluminum is a good option.

Wrought Iron Is Built To Last

Wrought iron is extremely strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. It has a higher tensile strength and yield point than aluminum, making it more durable if your railings are likely to bear the brunt of a lot of wear and tear. Iron also requires less maintenance over time, and it’s easy to repair damage to your railings.

Completely Customize Your Home

Wrought iron is easily shaped into many different styles, for both inside and outside use so that you can continue your design throughout your home. Aluminum railings that you can buy at the store will never fit your dream home as well as wrought iron railings customized to your vision. Something as simple as having your design continue from your balcony down your staircase can make your home or business look more cohesive.

Keep Your Railings Beautiful With No Hassle

One of the best features of wrought iron is that it is rust-resistant, so you can easily clean your fence by wiping it with a damp cloth and some soap. Aluminum easily warps over time, but with wrought iron, you can spot potential signs that it needs to be repaired long before the damage becomes too extreme. Even extreme dents in a custom iron railing can be repaired without compromising its durability.

Sturdiness & Durability Keep You Safer

Keeping your family safe is incredibly important and it’s something to keep in mind when you are choosing railings for a staircase, or balcony. Wrought iron is reliable even with a delicate-looking design or after many years of continuous use. You can even feel the sturdiness when you touch your railing, unlike aluminum, which can help ease your worries.

Get The Railings That Are Right For You

If you’re looking for a stylish and strong material to build your gate, staircase, or balcony railing, wrought iron puts in the work for you. Browse our online inventory for examples of our past creations and contact us today for a quote to get your own wrought iron railing from Artistic Iron Works. We are a locally-based, veteran-owned business with decades of experience in artisan-grade smithery.

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