5 Trending Wrought Iron Balcony & Railing Designs

5 Trending Wrought Iron Balcony & Railing Designs

Trends in wrought iron balcony and railing designs come and go, with some years favoring more ornate designs and others embracing simpler constructions. The trends this year mix both classic and contemporary design sensibilities, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

  1. The Cantilever
  2. Mezzanine Constructions
  3. Easy Customization
  4. Juliet Balconies For Curb Appeal
  5. Dress Up A Staircase

1. The Cantilever Defies Gravity In Style

This projecting terrace design hearkens back to Old Europe. It features a small deck-like feature that juts out over the wall. Iron brackets support the bottom and a three-sided ornamental railing keeps kids and pets from going over the edge. You don’t have to worry that the supports won’t look as good as the railing, even wrought iron that looks elegant is very sturdy. Cantilever balconies create the kind of classical beauty that traditionalists love.

2. A Mezzanine Is The Perfect Way To Elevate Your Space

A mezzanine is a floor above the main floor that looks out over the space below. Wrought iron railings that are customized to fit the building’s themes work best here, so as to preserve the feeling of wide open space. Some trending mezzanine designs that reflect this are delicately curling vine and leaf motifs, and visually stunning Art Deco arrangements.

3. Easy Customization Brings Your Vision To Life

Easy customization is one of the real advantages of working with wrought iron, making it a trend that has staying power. Las Vegas homeowners can create a standout silhouette for their balconies by adding a fan-shaped endcap or a series of musical notes depicting a favorite song on their railings. The options are as varied as your imagination.

  • Colorful Powder Coating
  • Custom Plasma Cut Designs
  • Classic Shaped Designs
  • The Finish You Want

4. Juliet Balconies Display Romance & Charm

A balcony above the front door is a common feature of many homes. However, some homes can’t accommodate full balconies, which brings us to the Juliet balcony, often called a faux balcony. Named after the famous Shakespearean character, this is an excellent way of bringing the personality of a balcony to your home without compromising on space. To really make it stand out, go with an iron-framed door to match your Juliet.

5. Staircase Railings Elevate Your Style & Safety

One trend that’s getting a lot of play right now is the railless staircase. However, there are some drawbacks to this construction. First, it lacks the safety feature that a railing adds to the stairway. Second, it’s a style that may become dated fairly quickly, given that throughout history most staircases had some protective and decorative barrier.

A thin, customized wrought iron rail can give you a bit of that no-rail look while still providing you with the protection and beauty you’ve come to expect from a feature like this.

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