How Wrought Iron Doors Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Double Wrought Iron Doors With Windows

Wrought iron doors from Artistic Iron Works are a beautiful and great way to add value and energy efficiency to your home. With their timeless elegance and superior strength, they increase curb appeal, let you enjoy lower utility bills, and keep you more comfortable year-round.

Keep Your Home At The Right Temperature

Modern wrought iron doors feature insulated cores, which can help reduce heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the home, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in the hot months. Plus, you can have an additional mesh screen, so you can enjoy a refreshing cross-breeze in lieu of a fan that only circulates stuffy indoor air.

Have Your Door For Longer

Wrought iron doors are known for their strength and durability, with low maintenance requirements. Instead of having to repaint or restain and seal annually, you just have to clean it with an oil soap to keep it looking perfect. Being less susceptible to damage means that you get to keep your beautiful door for a long time, saving you money on replacements in the long run.

Ward Off Unwanted Drafts & Pests

Rubber or polyurethane foam seals can be installed around a door to fill gaps between it and the frame. This type of weatherstripping helps prevent air infiltration and unwanted drafts, helping your home stay at the perfect temperature for you. Sealing these gaps will also help prevent many pests from entering your home through them.

Protect You & Your Home From The Sun

A wrought iron door blocks powerful UV rays from entering your home and heating it up, helping you save energy. To maximize your air conditioning savings, choose a door that incorporates low-emissivity glass window inserts to deflect the most sunlight while still providing natural illumination year-round. With natural light, you don’t need to keep lights on to see during the day.

Keep Your Home Quieter

Having a wrought iron door reduces the amount of sound pollution that gets into your home, helping you sleep better and spend less on other soundproofing tricks for your house. This is especially important in a city that functions all night, helping you to keep a better sleep schedule and lowering your energy usage at night since you don’t have to drown anything out.

Sustainability Goes Beyond Personal Energy Savings

It’s great to save yourself money on energy, but our energy savings goes beyond just your wallet. Wrought iron is eco-friendly throughout multiple stages of the supply chain.

  • It has very little carbon content, which translates to less off-gassing compared to plastic and other synthetic materials.
  • Wrought iron saves energy in your home.
  • A recycling plant can quickly melt it down to create new products without losing durability.
  • Having a wrought iron door helps ensure your home has curb appeal that can help it sell quickly.

Get Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Wrought Iron Doors

At Artistic Iron Works, we specialize in custom artisan-quality doors that are insulated, durable, UV-resistant, and equipped with all the weatherstripping you need. Come browse our inventory today in downtown Las Vegas or call us to schedule a custom quote to make your home more eco-friendly and reduce your electricity usage.

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