4 Custom Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door Ideas

Iron Wine Cellar Doors

Properly storing and keeping your wine safe is the primary function of a wine cellar. While these functions are important, they do not have to be boring. Let our artisans at Artistic Iron Works in Las Vegas create something lovely to fit your style.

  • Frosted Glass, Grapes & Leaves Secure Your Wine Collection
  • When You’ve Got More Than A Wine Cellar –Ante Room Doors
  • Dark Lattice Middle Ages Throwback
  • Simple Fleur-De-Lys Theme

Frosted Glass, Grapes & Leaves Give Beauty & Security

Why not hint at what is beyond in an intricate visual display. Delicate, sparse scrollwork starts with an asymmetric climb up one side of the frame with leaves and grapes at just the right intervals in the shape. The scrollwork meanders to the other side of the door frame before ending at the top in a more symmetric presentation with leaves and grape bunches. Vertical twisted wrought iron bars provide added security and beauty to this design.

When You’ve Got More Than A Wine Cellar –Ante Room Doors

Set the tone for friends and family to experience wine tasting in your wine cellar’s anteroom with our double doors that would fit nicely into an arched doorway. An iron border with an interior pattern of loosely formed, prominent scrollwork in brown or bronze with small green leaves is a beautiful presentation for entrance to a more extensive wine room before entering the actual cellar.

Dark Lattice Middle Ages Throwback Wine Cellar Door

Depending on your wine cellar theme or even your love of history, you might fancy our, dark iron door with an arched, wide lattice pattern at the center, which provides some reprieve to darkness by letting in a bit of light to the cellar. It evokes a time in the Middle Ages that may stimulate interesting conversation with your guests.

Simple Single Door Fleur-De-Lys Theme

Decorative designs in iron are our hallmark, especially using that familiar French-influenced fleur-de-lys motif. If you need a narrow single door to fit a well-lit space, we have a simple pattern centered on a twisted vertical spindle connecting two elongated fleur-de-lys decorative symbols. Scrollwork is used sparingly around the door’s frame, allowing light and sound through because of the absence of glass in this design idea.

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