Wrought Iron Fence Vs. Aluminum Fence: Which Is Best?

Wrought Iron Fence Display

At Artistic Iron Works in Las Vegas, Nevada, we specialize in making beautifully wrought iron fences that are of higher quality than our aluminum competition. You may have seen dark or black cast iron fencing and thought that light, shiny aluminum works better for your home or business. Don’t let the color stop you from buying a better-quality product. Wrought Iron comes in an endless number of colors and finishes fitting any design.

Wrought Iron Has A Long History For A Reason

It is one of the oldest forms of metalwork that can be dated to around 200 BC, and artifacts still survive to this day. Wrought iron is a popular type of metal that is very versatile and used for everything from doors and fences to decorations.

  • Fully Recyclable
  • Lasts For Years
  • Minimal Rusting
  • Highly Customizable
  • Low Maintenance

Aluminum Is Good For Some Things

Aluminum fencing is very light and easily installed in a do-it-yourself project, which makes it appealing. It is bright and eye-catching but also can be painted in many different colors, offering many options. People looking for something that they don’t have to put a lot of money into often choose aluminum because it is cheaper.

Corrosion and rusting are possible over time, however. Aluminum is too lightweight to offer substantial security, and if you have larger pets, these fences can be compromised by a determined animal. Once they are damaged, they aren’t fixable, requiring another investment of time and money.

You Want Strength & Durability

Wrought iron is preferred for residential and commercial fencing projects because it is harder, more durable, and longer lasting compared to aluminum. It will last for decades with very little maintenance, and it is easily fixed should it somehow get damaged. If you love the range of colors of aluminum, we can use powder coating, which is more durable than paint, requires as little maintenance as uncoated wrought iron, and comes in thousands of colors.

Get The Most Unique Look

Our wrought iron fences are custom-made to your specifications and personalized just for you. Aside from classic scrollwork, we can use plasma cutting to do anything from a business logo to a design inspired by your architecture. It makes it easier to match your home’s decor and raises the curb appeal and value of your house when you have something as classy, safe, low maintenance, and unique as a wrought iron fence.

Make Iron The Right Fencing For You

Here at Artistic Iron Works, we have years of hands-on experience with crafting personalized, plasma-cut, environmentally-friendly fencing. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about the possibilities. Our experts can help you pick the fencing that fits both your life and your style.

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