How Long Does A Wrought Iron Fence Last? Can I Increase It’s Life?

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Is a wrought iron fence long-lasting? Is it possible to extend its lifespan? We work with you to customize wrought iron designs that you want in a modern, classic, or traditional motif. Our fencing products at Artistic Iron Works of Las Vegas are of high quality with low maintenance and are made to last with appropriate materials and care.

  • Wrought Iron Proves Timeless
  • Take Care Of Your Fence To Extend Its Life
  • Powder Coating Vs. Painting
  • Regular Maintenance Is Key
  • The Right Materials At Installation Ensure Longevity

Wrought Iron Stands The Test Of Time

Wooden fences may last 5 to fifteen years before needing expensive maintenance and eventually being replaced. However, by comparison, wrought iron’s versatility and durability lend themselves to creating fences with a reputation for standing the test of time. Manhattan’s financial district boasts the most historic of them, built in 1771 to originally contain a parade ground and cattle market.

How To Take Care Of Your Fence

Minimize wrought iron’s exposure to humidity to extend its life. Be mindful of placement near water sources like your swimming pool or a sprinkler system to reduce the chance of rusting and premature aging. Choose plants that won’t cling and add moisture to your fence. Instead, opt for shrubbery and drought-tolerant plants that can stand alone away from that fence, while still providing privacy to complement it.

Powder Coating Vs Painting. Which Is Better?

Protect your investment with a powder coating. This process is different from painting, which allows for uneven spots, dripping, and buildup during application. Powder coating uses a baked-in process that protects the wrought iron and reduces potential chipping and damage over time. Ask our design team about the many color options to extend your fence’s lifespan.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

Trim your landscape to keep foliage debris off your fence. Pressure wash large fences on low to flush off any build-up or use a sponge, mild soap, and filtered water for hand washing smaller ones with less surface area. Keep an eye out for any rust spots, then don a mask and safety goggles to use sandpaper or a wire brush to treat those areas.

Ensure Longevity With The Right Materials At Installation

Get your wrought iron fence installation set up for longevity by choosing appropriate materials from the outset. Share your vision with our designers. We can help you select the right location, coating, and style from several choices we have based on the goals you have for your fence.

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