5 Beautiful Window Guard Designs That Add Curb Appeal and Security

5 Beautiful Window Guard Designs That Add Curb Appeal and Security

Security and beauty are equally essential elements to consider as you update your home. You can add curb appeal while protecting your house with uniquely beautiful ironwork window guards.

A Wide Range Of Possibilities To Fit Your Style

As you consider adding window guards to your home, you can choose from many different styles to fit the architecture of your house. Here are five of the most popular choices:

  • Abstract Mosaic
  • Natural Elements
  • Your Initials Or Your Family Name
  • Classic Baroque
  • Multi-Panel Designs

Abstract Mosaic

Patterned after stained-glass mosaics, this design features thick metal lines between pictorial design elements. You can choose from many different patterns or customize your own unique image. The possibilities are endless, as long as you keep each open section too small for a pet or a human to pass through.

Natural Elements

This timeless design involves a variety of curling vines, leaves, and trees. You can select a tree with multiple branches or a vine with flowers or leaves. You can even add a butterfly. These are some of the most popular designs for home security because their intricate elements leave such small areas of open space.

Your Initials Or Your Family Name

Give your house an elegant personal appearance with ironwork initials or your last name. Choose from cursive or printed fonts in classic or modern styles. You can put the same design throughout the home or keep it simple by putting your name on only the largest or most central window.

Classic Baroque

The baroque style features ornate curves and curls. You can find historic versions of this pattern in fences and window guards all over the world. Make all your windows match with the same design, or mix it up with a unique style for each window.

Multi-Panel Designs

If your home features windows that are near to each other, you can choose to install guards whose patterns flow from one to the next. This option works well if you have windows on either side of a door or windows across the front of your home. Multi-panel designs will give your home a truly bespoke appearance.

Security & Beauty in Las Vegas

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