Why Should You Secure Your Courtyard?

Why Should You Secure Your Courtyard?

When it comes to your courtyard, you should never have to choose between home security and style. At Artistic Iron Works, we make and sell beautiful wrought iron gates and fences to keep your family safe and put your mind at ease.

Here are five great reasons to secure your courtyard.

  1. Intimidate & Deter Burglars
  2. Make It More Difficult To Break Into Your Home
  3. Keep Pets & Young Children From Running Off Into The Street
  4. Protect Your Yard From Wild Animals
  5. Show Off Your Style & Boost Curb Appeal

1. Courtyard Gates Can Deter Burglars & Trespassers

When scanning a neighborhood, thieves tend to look for houses that appear easier to break into. Installing a front entry courtyard gate may help reduce your chances of getting robbed. Courtyard security can also keep unsolicited salespeople and other trespassers off of your property.

2. Gates Slow Potential Crooks Down

If burglars still try to break into your home, a courtyard security system can significantly slow them down, buying precious time for someone to spot them and call the police. If you have a tall gate, trespassers will generally have to figure out how to either pick the lock or climb over if they wish to enter your house.

3. Protect Your Kids & Pets

If your pets or children like to spend time outdoors in the evening, a sturdy courtyard gate can protect them from being attacked. It can also keep young children from running out into the street unsupervised.

4. Keep Wild Animals Out

Although the city of Las Vegas is fairly densely populated, if you live in a slightly more remote part of the valley, such as closer to the mountains, it is possible to encounter coyotes, bobcats, and even mountain lions at night.

5. Courtyard Entry Gates Are Sleek & Stylish

An elegant wrought iron entry gate or stone-accented fence from Artistic Iron Works can help set your property apart from your neighbors. If you are hoping to show off your sophisticated tastes to visiting guests or prospective home buyers, don’t forget your entryway.

Our wide array of gates, fences, and doors include traditional, modern, and nature-inspired designs, double, single, rolling gates, and automatic options.

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