7 Ways To Maintain Your Wrought Iron Fence

Ways To Maintain Your Wrought Iron Fence

Installing a wrought iron fence allows you to provide security, privacy, and beauty to your Las Vegas home. By performing maintenance, you can have a structure that will last for many years. Check out these 7 ways to properly maintain your Las Vegas wrought iron fence.

1. Apply A Protective Coating

Many custom wrought iron companies, such as Artistic Iron Works, apply a protective powder coat to their products before installation. Other times you may have to apply the coating yourself. There is a large selection of coatings available for wrought iron fences to prevent rust.

Types of Protective Coatings

  • Powder coat
  • Organic coat
  • Bluing
  • Galvanizing
  • Epoxy enamels
  • Zinc-based primers

2. Clean Regularly

Wrought iron that has been coated can be cleaned. You want to use a mild cleaner, such as liquid soap, along with warm water, a sponge, and a cloth. Avoid hard brushes that may scratch the coating.

3. Visually Inspect The Fencing

While Las Vegas has warm and dry weather nearly year-round, it can experience some rain that could rust unprotected wrought iron fences. You want to periodically inspect it for possible rust spots where the coating was compromised.  It is important to visually inspect periodically in order to catch any issues that could pose problems in the future.

4. Fix Rusted Areas

You will need to fist rust spots quickly while they are small before they spread to other areas of the wrought iron fence. Use a stiff wire brush or steel wool to scrape off the rust, then sand down the spot to remove any flaking paint chips if it is painted. Place on a primer and paint or apply protective coatings.

5. Cut Back Prickly Vines & Bushes

Prickly vines, bushes, and other thorny plants that are up close or along the fence line can scratch the wrought iron. When performing lawn maintenance, you want to trim back all vines and provide ample space when planting new bushes.

6. Avoid Hanging Heavy Items On Fence

While wrought iron can be strong, some thin fence posts cannot bear heavy loads. Hanging large plants may cause the posts to eventually bend due to the weight of the plant, soil, and water in the basket. Also, avoid hanging large metal decorations that can move about in the wind. This movement could bend posts or scratch the fence.

7. Place A Tarp On The Fence When Performing Work

If you are installing or demolishing anything near the fence, you want to avoid accidentally hitting it with tools, equipment, or materials. You may unintentionally bend the wrought iron or scratch the surface. Place a tarp over the section of the fence that is closest to the work area to prevent any debris or tools from striking the metal.

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