5 Ways To Incorporate Wrought Iron In Your Home

Wrought-iron home decor and accessories evoke an air of elegance and timelessness because it has been around for thousands of years. Modern designers have made impressive strides in the evolution of this decorative element, making it a sought-after design element in modern homes. Adding this decorative metal to your home is a great way to create a modern masterpiece or to recreate the décor of the Iron Age.

  1. Increase Your Resale Value With a New Door
  2. Add Drama With Wrought Iron Home Decor
  3. Create a Focal Point With Wrought Iron Stair Railings

1. Increase Your Resale Value With A New Door

Increasing your curb appeal not only makes your home a pleasant place to live for you but also attracts potential buyers when you want to sell it. One very lucrative way to do this is by changing out your front door.

Homeowners who change out their front doors can see a very large increase in their ROI once they sell their homes. Adding a custom wrought iron door makes changing out your door both elegant and practical. Installing window guards of this same elegant metal to your windows completes the look.

2. Wrought Iron Decor Adds Drama

Wrought iron sculptures, sconces, and fixtures add a dramatic element to your home decor. This is due, in part, to their excellent and elegant design and, in part, due to their size. Often these pieces land on the large size, making them a dramatic and elegant decor option for the foyer or the Great Room. If you picture an almost life-size stallion made of this decorative metal in your Great Room, you’ll understand why.

3. Use Wrought Iron Stair Railings To Create A Focal Point

If you have a front entryway that includes a set of stairs, installing wrought iron stair railings offers you a dramatic way to create a first impression in the foyer of your home. Hanging a gallery of photos, as well as some wrought iron sconces along the walls near the stairs, is an elegant way to personalize this area.

How to Integrate These Features Together

One of the basic premises of good design is the repeat of elements. In this case, when you incorporate wrought iron features throughout your home, you bring a visually unifying element to the mix.

Here are some ideas for doing that.

  • Don’t just settle for a few pieces of this decorative metal for your home decor. Unify the look by adding fireplace grates, wine racks, pot racks, and other elements.
  • Decorate around your iron security doors with home decor accents, like wall sconces or mirrors.
  • Add to your home’s curb appeal by adding a wrought iron front door, fencing, outdoor light fixtures, courtyard enclosures, and sculptures. These pieces make for a stunning courtyard, too.

Final Thoughts On Incorporating Wrought Iron In Your Home

The decorative metal is both traditional and yet, surprisingly modern and elegant. As such, it’s a natural decorative choice both inside and outside your home. Adding more than one element to your space, like adding pot racks and wine racks to the kitchen, unifies the look even more.

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