Standard Vs. Spiral Staircases: What’s Right For Your Space?

Standard Vs. Spiral Staircases: What's Right For Your Space?

At Artistic Iron Works, we carry many varieties of wrought iron staircases to suit your Las Vegas home. Custom staircases add aesthetic appeal and value to your home, whether installed indoors or outdoors. Traditional styles and spiral stairs are available in a range of colors and options.

We’ve compiled the information you need to help you decide between these two attractive options.

When To Choose A Traditional Staircase

Consider your available indoor floor space and natural lighting when choosing a traditional staircase. You’ll need more room for a larger footprint, so they are well suited to more spacious and well-lit rooms and the outdoors in linear or L-shaped designs.

Traditional staircases can make a grand statement, be more cost-effective and convenient to use, and are easier for small children and the elderly.

Traditional Iron Stairway Designs & Options

We can custom design interior or exterior stairs from your foyer to the living area or give houseguests private outside staircase access to the mother-in-law’s suite and hot tub deck.

Your straight interior staircase can also be flared for added style. Exterior stairs may be mostly straight with a right angle turn near the top of stairs to use less space.


  • Convenient Use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Safer For Small Children & The Elderly
  • Suited For Large Rooms
  • Works Well In Brightly Lit Rooms
  • Grandeur In Foyers & Entrances
  • A Good Choice For The Outdoors


  • Has A Larger Footprint
  • Needs More Space

When A Spiral Staircase Makes More Sense

Save space in smaller rooms with a compact footprint and a more vertical design with spiral staircase installation. Update your indoor or outdoor space with the added value and the interesting, contemporary look of a winding staircase.  Spiral stairs also free up more usable space in a room.

Exterior curved and wrap-around staircases provide a fun and efficient way to get from the garden to the upstairs patios and decks for entertainment without trudging through the house.


  • Saves Space
  • Installs Anywhere In Room
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Modernizes Space
  • For Lofts & Studies
  • Interior & Exterior


  • More Difficult For Small Children & Elderly

Custom Wrought Iron Stairway Designs

Spiral stairs are often centered on a pole. The steps may vary in width for the ease of the user. Traditional and spiral staircases come in simple wrought iron or a mix of florals, stems, geometric, or scroll work embellishments.

Patterns can be made to match your railings or home decor. Entry and exit points can be customized with safety gates.

Detail & Flair With Wrought Iron Railings

Add elegance and flair to your home with beautiful customized wrought iron railings for added stairway safety. Complement your interior or exterior stairs, balconies, mezzanine, or garden steps with existing motifs and one of our many simple or ornate patterns.

Our styles of handrails range from traditional to modern and can be fabricated according to your vision.

Powder Coating – Customize Your Stairs With Color

Choose from a variety of colors that enhance the existing decor of your home or office. Besides the more subtle earth tones with Terra Brown and Beige Red, you can select from several shades of green that evoke deep oceans, fir trees, and olive groves. Rich Orange, Nut, and Chocolate Browns liven up the options even more.

Protect your ornamental iron investment with powder coating for a durable, elegant finish. Ask us how we can create texture in your custom finish.

Shop Custom Stairs In Las Vegas

Explore your many options and available finishes for your wrought iron stairs. Come by our showroom today at Artistic Iron Works in Las Vegas. We’ll help you choose the best spiral or traditional staircase for your home.

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