Protect Your Home With Custom Wrought Iron

Protect Your Home With Custom Wrought Iron

Custom wrought iron makes a lovely accent that serves to defend your home against invasion. While it’s made into entry barriers for windows and security doors, you can also add wrought iron handrails and porch rails to protect children and pets.

What Is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is a low-carbon iron alloy and may be heated and reheated, as well as formed into a variety of forms.

Its quality, durability, and malleability make it simple to produce totally unique design elements and help you protect and safeguard your property.

Flexibility and Lasting Beauty

Custom fixtures are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, finishes, and durability for long-term usage. The most significant advantage of custom wrought iron fabrication is that you have complete control over the design. A custom fabricator can produce anything you want, whether it’s swirls, leaves and flowers, animals, traditional motifs, or an entirely original idea.

Plasma Cutting for the Perfect Cut and Shape

Plasma cutting is a technology that uses an accelerated stream of hot plasma to cut a range of metals. Plasma cut pieces exhibit notable features such as precise shapes and designs customized to your needs. Cutting iron with a plasma torch protects the metal from warping, which is sometimes an issue with traditional cutting methods.

Powder Coating Protects the Finish

When it comes to iron-based products, you need dependable protection, and a powder coating is an ideal option. Powder coating is a method to protect your items from the weather and is scratch, chip, and wear-resistant.

Powder coating is a superior alternative to paint and comes in an amazingly large variety of colors and textures.

Custom Wrought Iron

We can take your vision and make it a reality. Our talented artisans are experts at making your property both beautiful and safe.

  • Doors & Windows: security doors, front doors, double doors, courtyard and entryway doors, wine cellar doors, window guards, solar screens, custom awnings.
  • Hardware: locks and finials.
  • Home Décor: fireplace covers, pot racks, wine racks, sculptures, pet doors, gates, and cages.
  • Gates & Fences: single gates, double gates, gate automation, rolling gates, and security or decorative fences.
  • Outdoor Lawn & Garden: trellises, A/C cages, rock art.
  • Railings & Stairs: Interior railings, exterior railings, balcony railing, spiral stairs, standard stairs, etc.

How Can Wrought Iron Help To Protect Your Home?

Custom iron products will keep your children and pets safe whether they are on the balcony, near the pool, or on the stairwell. Security screens and gates can help keep your yard and home secure while adding beauty.

Here are other ways wrought iron protects you and yours:

  • Wrought iron security doors are more difficult to break into, offering security against invaders such as thieves and burglars, as well as any unwelcome guests.
  • Having a security gate for your driveway might be a terrific solution to keep out uninvited wildlife. It creates a physical barrier that prevents wild creatures from entering your property, protecting your landscapes, pets, and plants.
  • A fence acts as a barrier, preventing strangers and wild animals from entering your property.

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