5 Iron & Metal Fabrication Custom Design Ideas

Custom Gate Wrought Iron

Adding unique custom metal and iron designs are a great way to enhance the charm and character of your home in Las Vegas. With Artistic Iron Works, you can create unique and customizable designs for your doors, windows, and gates. You’ll definitely want to learn more about these five custom design ideas.

  1. Metal Home Security Features
  2. Stunning Landscaping
  3. Custom Fabrication Home Decor
  4. Show Off Hobbies & Collectibles
  5. A Touch of Class with Custom Hardware

1. Home Security Features

Because iron and metal custom fabrication and installation is every bit as secure as it is durable, many homeowners often use it for the purposes of protection. When cared for properly, these items can last for years with virtually no maintenance. Specifically, iron is an excellent security material.

2. Stunning Wrought Iron Landscaping

Create stunning, safe, and comforting outdoor spaces with custom wrought iron products.

  • Awning designs – protect your guests from sun and rain while adding a charming touch.
  • Ornate garden trellises – an elegant way to support climbing vines around planters and entryways.
  • Gating and fencing – ensure family, friends, and pets are safe indoors and outdoors.

3. Family Spirit With Custom Fabrication Home Decor

Many people use iron and metal fabrication and custom design as a way to show off their family in and around their homes. Create custom metal family crests and other logos for a variety of different items.

  • Mailboxes at the edge of your driveway.
  • A fence that goes around your front yard.
  • A family crest to hang on the front or side of your home.

4. Iron Hobbies & Collectibles

These types of metal or iron pieces are also a great way to show off any hobbies that you may have, or any other elements that have a deeper meaning for you. This can include statues, ornaments, and more.

  • A pop culture franchise such as “Harry Potter” or “Marvel.”
  • Animals including toucans or giraffes.
  • Logos of your favorite sports teams.

5. Hardware Elements Add A Touch of Class

Make your home decor stand out with customizable hardware elements.

  • Decorative door pulls – a wide variety of wrought iron fence posts, light fixtures, and curtain rods are available.
  • Antique brass or brushed nickel door handles – perfect kitchen cabinets and entryway finishing touches.
  • Secure your gates – automatic deadbolts, dead latches, and electronic strike locks.
  • Single or double-sided keyless entry locks. No keys. No worries. Your guests gain access by punching a code.

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