6 Iron Fence Decorations Perfect For The Holidays

A Wrought Iron Fence Decorated With A Garland For The Holidays

Celebrate the holiday spirit by decorating your iron fence this season. With a bit of creativity, your fence can become a charming showcase for each holiday. From spooky tombstones and scarecrows to delicate snowflakes and glittery ornaments, these simple additions not only enhance your home’s exterior but also spread joy to everyone who passes by. Having fun with the various ways to integrate your iron fence into your holiday decor and make your celebrations extra special is a great start to the season.

  1. Rustic & Natural
  2. Man-Made Ornaments
  3. Wreaths & Garlands
  4. Lighting
  5. Long Horizontal Displays
  6. Oversized Decorations

1. Bring Nature To Your Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing is the perfect way to display naturally spooky elements like spider webs, perched flocks of crows, and even a perfectly placed to watch your every move black cat. If you’re looking to bring in more autumn theming to your home, you can turn your yard into a pumpkin patch, or thread corn stalks or sunflowers through your railings and line it with bales of hay. Trim your fence with boughs of holly, pinecones, or branches from your Christmas tree to bring in the spirit of the winter season. Keep your pinecones and winter theming or switch them out for some fresh, white flowers and fruits to help ring in the New Year.

2. Keep A Human Touch When Decorating

You can also bring in more man-made elements to get in the holiday mood. Make a temporary graveyard with fake tombstones more convincing by playing up your yard gate with cemetery signs and overgrown vines. For Thanksgiving, you can line up some scarecrows or thread beautiful ribbons in fall colors through your railings. Hang clear snowflake decorations, or colorful ornaments from your fence to bring in that Christmas cheer. New Year’s Eve is all about the sparkle and glam, so decorating your wrought iron fence with disco balls and golden stars would fit right in.

3. Hang Beautiful Wreaths & Garlands

One of the most attractive ways to decorate fencing or a wrought iron trellis is with oversized wreaths and garlands along the fence. Wreaths can be simple or include more complex decorative elements and even lighting. Natural or artificial garlands can be hung in a scalloped fashion along the fencing or wrapped around the rails and posts. You can use themed garlands for each holiday, like pine for winter and brightly colored fall leaves for autumn. They even have garlands of stars, bells, and tinsel, if you want your fence to shine from Christmas into the new year.

4. Use String Lighting To Highlight Your Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing offers many opportunities for stringing wired lighting around posts and railings, which works for any holiday you want to decorate for. Use a modest amount of lights for a more subtle look, or go all out in creating a brilliant display to border your property. Keep in mind that some homeowner associations may limit the light colors you can use. If you have a display that you want to highlight, attaching a spotlight to your fence is a good way to get it in the best position.

5. Use Iron Fencing As A Backdrop For Longer, Horizontal Displays

Iron fencing also lends itself to longer, horizontal displays. These could include Santa and his sleigh and reindeer, a nativity scene, a family of turkeys, a witch flying on a broomstick, or any modern LED lighting that simulates movement. Fencing is also a good way to send a holiday message to friends and neighbors through a personalized banner. There’s nothing like telling your neighbors ‘Happy New Year!’ with a sparkly banner that you designed yourself.

6. A Way To Hang Oversized Decorations

Holiday decorations are a terrific way to use your imagination to create your custom fence display. Due to its strength and rigidity, iron fencing provides the perfect way to hang oversized ornaments as either part of a backdrop for your yard decor or the main event.

  • Candy Canes
  • Stars
  • Rustic Wooden Signs
  • Ornaments
  • Floating Ghosts
  • Metal Turkeys
  • Glitter Lanterns

Get Yourself A Gift That Keeps on Giving

A thoughtfully planned and professionally crafted custom wrought iron fence provides value year-round. It helps secure your property, adds to its aesthetics and value, and increases security. During the holidays, it offers a blank slate for your creative decorating ideas. Contact us at Artistic Iron Works in Las Vegas, Nevada to add wrought iron fencing to your home.

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