7 Places To Incorporate Wrought Iron Into Your Remodel

Incorporate Wrought Iron Into Your Remodel

Are you remodeling your Las Vegas home and you want that special finishing touch that wrought iron gives, but you’re not sure how to incorporate it? Artistic Iron Works has lots of options for you to incorporate both inside and outside your home.

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Stairs
  • Home Decor

1. Transform Your Home With Stunning Entryways

Whether it is a front door, security door, or a door for your wine cellar, wrought iron brings a touch of ageless classical style to your home. Your custom door design brings security to the home while having beautiful designs that perfectly match the design style of your home. Wrought iron doors can even help you keep cool in the summer and warm in winter with an insulated core that reduces heat transfer, which is definitely something to think about during a remodel.

2. Give Your Windows A Security & Beauty Upgrade

Security is a big deal, and having a window guard can help you feel safer, but you still want your home to look its best. Wrought iron is sturdy and durable without compromising on style. And if it is the sun you want protection from, awnings and solar screens are classy options that will still hold up against wear and tear.

3. Fence In Your Space With Style

A wrought iron fence provides a sturdy and durable structure while making sure that your yard is still beautiful and peaceful. In addition, iron fences can be used to cordon off areas of your backyard for safety, such as a pool area to keep kids away when playing outside or a pet area to prevent your pet from wandering off. If you want a bit more privacy, block and iron fences provide the right mix between sophisticated custom design and keeping prying eyes away.

4. The Gateway To Your Dream Home

Wrought iron gates allow for artistic freedom to express yourself and the architectural themes of your home. You can choose between single gates to allow access into backyards, entryway gates for garden areas, and double gates and rolling gates for driveways. An automatic gate system provides security and eases your day by allowing you to control access to your home without ever having to go all the way out to the gate.

5. Railings That Stand The Test Of Time

Wrought iron railings provide a secure grip for people to navigate their way along outdoor steps no matter what the weather is, while indoor railings provide a safety barrier for your family and pets. Symbols and designs can be integrated into the creation of the railing for a unique design appeal that perfectly matches your personal style or the style your home will be after the remodel.

6. Wrought Iron Stairs For A Grand First Impression

Wrought iron can be used for both spiral staircases and standard ones in indoor and outdoor home remodels. They complement a range of interior decor themes, from rustic to traditional, while being strong and sturdy enough for everyday use for years. Iron stairs make a big impression, whether it’s a fire escape, a lead-in to your deck, or the centerpiece of your home.

7. Small Iron Accents Make A Big Statement

Small wrought iron embellishments can add just the right pleasing appeal to any indoor space. You can find fireplace covers, wine racks, pot racks, and art sculptures that will fit your space and home design. Home decor pieces are a great option if your remodel is small, or you want to see how wrought iron will look in your home before getting started.

Upgrade Your Remodel With Wrought Iron

From art and a place to hang your pots to security gates and doors, this metal lasts for decades and adds value to a range of indoor and outdoor spaces. Get the wrought iron product that will fit with your remodeled dream home. Contact Artistic Iron Works today to learn more about how you can upgrade your remodel.

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