How To Clean Wrought Iron Doors

Clean Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron can stay looking beautiful for years if it’s properly maintained, and if you have wrought iron doors or window guards in your Las Vegas, NV, area home, you want to take good care of them. That includes rust prevention, cleanliness, and protection of the powder coating. It’s easy to keep your doors and any other iron items in your home looking great by following some simple cleaning routines.

Elevate Your Home Through A Simple Cleaning Routine

Wrought iron doors can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Plant-based soaps like Castile soap are better due to their alkaline properties, which are more gentle on the metal surface and are still very effective.

  • Mix The Soap With Water
  • Stir Until Bubbles Form
  • Start Wiping The Wrought Iron At The Top
  • Rinse The Door With A Hose
  • Dry The Door With A Lint-Free Cloth

By working from the top to the bottom, you help remove all the dirt in one process, so you can then thoroughly rinse the door and have it look shiny and new again. Your wrought iron should be washed carefully whenever it gets dirty so you don’t allow grime and debris to build up on it.

Restore Your Doors & Window Guards To Rust-Free Glory

To easily get rid of rust from your doors or window guards, use a wire brush to scrub it away. Another option is to use a drill with a brush attachment or sandpaper. Just focus on removing the rust from the affected areas on the door. Once you have, take a damp cloth, wipe off the spot, and ensure it is thoroughly dried to make sure your doors or window guards are completely rust-free.

Polish The Shine Back Onto Your Wrought Iron

If you want to have your wrought iron doors or window guards looking shiny again, you need to focus on more than just rust prevention and cleaning. Specially formulated wax products work best, though linseed oil works in a pinch. You can use a soft cloth and wax or oil to buff the iron after it has been cleaned and dried, and then use the other side of the cloth to polish it after the wax completely dries.

Protecting Your Powder Coating Protects Your Wrought Iron

The best way to protect the powder coating is with non-abrasive car wax. Choose one that also has blockers and inhibitors for UV rays, as that will help the power coating stay looking great for a long time. Avoid compound-style waxes and harsh chemicals, which can cause coating damage. Just rub the wax into the coating and make sure to remove any leftover clumps to prevent an uneven look.

Keep Your Wrought Iron Beautiful With Expert Help

Contact us today at Artistic Iron Works in the Las Vegas, NV, area. We understand wrought iron doors, window guards, and more, and can help you keep your iron looking brand new for years to come with the right cleaning products and maintenance options.

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