Personalize Your Home Décor With Custom Metal Work

Personalize Your Home Décor With Custom Metal Work

Custom metal work is as beautiful as it is striking, bold, and incredibly long-lasting. Wrought Iron has been around for hundreds of years, serving different functions in the home while incorporating bold and beautiful style.

Why Custom Metal Work Reigns Supreme

Nothing says quality quite like custom metal work. Since 7000 BCE, ancient South Asian civilizations have used metal work for both function and decorative purposes. Metal work is still faithfully used as:

Where To Display Metal Work

There’s virtually no bad area to place custom metal work or iron sculptures. Even your bathroom can be turned into a beautiful room using custom metal shelves. Other areas of the home you can place metal work include:

On your windows and doors: You can place wrought iron frames on windows and doors to protect them from break-in attempts and intruders. Modern metal work techniques incorporate artistic elements for added style and beauty to your home’s exterior to incorporate safety features with aesthetically pleasing elements.

As fencing: Instead of using chain-link or wood, opt for a strong wrought iron fence. Not only will this keep pets that are able to easily break through chain-link fences inside the yard, but they will also keep intruders out.

For home decor: Want to add some flair to your home? You can custom-order iron sculptures to make anything from tribute gifts to utensil holders, napkin holders, picture frames, you name it! Metal is extremely versatile, and a trained metal worker and welder can make your vision for iron sculptures a reality. You can also update hardware such as cabinet and drawer handles into sturdy, timeless pieces using custom metal pieces.

In your kitchen: There are a variety of uses for custom metal work in the kitchen. This includes custom-built wine racks, pot racks, and shelving to help you organize your kitchen and create a rustic style.

In the fireplace: Because metal is heat resistant, you can easily replace your fireplace covers with durable and gorgeous metal work. Add a sense of traditional style using custom-designed fireplace covers made of dark metal.

Get The Most Beautiful Custom Metal Work In Las Vegas

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