Guide To Preventing Rust

Preventing Rust

Wrought iron is a durable and attractive material that can be found in various things like gates and sculptures. However, rust can weaken its structure over time. Fortunately, there are easy methods to prevent and remove rust, which anyone can try before giving up on their wrought iron.

What Is Rust & What Causes It?

When iron reacts to water in the air, it causes iron oxide—what is commonly called rust. Depending on the amount of water in the air, rust can form quickly or slowly. The more moisture in the air, the faster it develops.

Prevention Extends The Life Of Your Iron

Iron often gets mixed with other metals to reduce rusting by forming a protective coat over it. Powder coating lasts a long time and is low maintenance, while also coming in a wide variety of color options. Paint requires more maintenance, but it also acts as a protective coating for your iron. There are simple strategies for you to prevent rust even after you get your wrought iron installed as well.

  • Frequent Cleaning To Remove Dust & Dirt
  • Keep The Iron Dry If It’s Inside
  • Use Metal Protection Products
  • Refresh Any Paint Regularly

Rust Can Be Fixed When Caught

Even the most well-taken care of iron can begin to rust at some point in its life. If you discover rust on your wrought iron, there are many things that you can try at home.

  • Clean the items of all dirt and debris.
  • Sand the area to remove all rust.
  • Check the integrity of the item. Even if the rust has started to slightly pit the metal, you might be able to repair the area.
  • You can repair rust holes or large indentations with body putty, fiberglass, or new metal.
  • After the repair, use a rust-preventing liquid or spray.

Expert Help Can Protect Your Iron For Longer

The integrity of the iron is the most important factor to consider when you wonder if you need to ask for help. If the item is rusted through, a metal fabricator may be able to cut out the rusted portions and replace them with new metal. A professional can restore your powder coating after removing the rust, which will help extend the life of your wrought iron even more.

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