Do You Need A Fireplace Cover?

Do You Need A Fireplace Cover?

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a cozy fire on a chilly night, but have you thought about enjoying that cozy fire with the perfect fireplace cover? Here are five great reasons to consider shopping for a new wrought iron fireplace cover.

  1. Catch flying sparks or unwanted ash from blowing into the room.
  2. Enhance the look of the fireplace, especially when there is no fire.
  3. Prevent children or pets from getting burned.
  4. Protect against the full heat of the fire.
  5. Safeguard floors or furniture.

1. Prevent Flying Sparks & Unwanted Ash

Sparks, embers, and ash blowing back into a room can be an absolute headache (literally!), but the right fireplace cover can help to cut down on clean-up. Save your carpets and time wasted cleaning up all that extra soot with these beautiful pieces of functional home decor.

2. Enhance The Look Of Your Hearth

Stylish wrought iron fireplace covers provide a beautiful centerpiece to any room—regardless of whether a fire is burning. Fireplace doors can accent your decorating style. Instead of looking at an empty firebox or spending the time and money to brick up an unused one, you can make it a statement piece.

3. Protect Small Children & Pets

Ideally, a fire is meant to help provide warmth and relaxation, but nobody relaxes if children and/or pets are constantly getting too close to the flames. A metalwork fireplace cover helps you prevent unnecessary injuries, so everyone can enjoy their time together.

4. Keep The Level Of Heat More Comfortable

While a cozy night with a roaring fire going is comfortable, it can be a struggle to get close enough to warm up without feeling like you’re getting a major dose of flames in the face. Fireplace screens and covers do a great job of reducing the full force of the heat without completely blocking out the warmth.

5. Safeguard Your Floors & Furniture

Fireplace covers are especially important if flammable carpets or wooden floors surround your hearth. Flying sparks can leave unwanted holes or burn marks that are hard to fix. The right fireplace covers are made with fire-resistant or non-combustible material, meaning your cover, floors, and furniture are kept safer.

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