Creating A Custom Look With Metal & Glass Doors

Custom Metal Glass Doors Las Vegas

Beautiful entryway doors can be custom created by combining wrought iron styles with glass. Use these mixed elements as single or double, security, or front doors of any size to create a unique look in your home or business.

  • Duchess Design With Scrollwork & Glass
  • Favela Ornate Design Makes Beautiful Double Doors
  • Modern Designs Mixing Large & Smaller Squares Improve Security
  • Beautiful Traditional Styles With European Flare

Duchess Design With Scrollwork & Glass

Scrollwork and glass work well together for double and single doorways. Check out our Duchess designs to see how we balance the wrought iron and glass in the design space. Duchess GE0014 and GEO122 make excellent security doors with the former being a double door design with a half circle arch at the top for maximum light. The latter is an arched single doorway with wide borders of metal for heavy security while also looking elegant with less exposed glass.

Favela Ornate Design Makes Beautiful Double Doors

Our Favela styles use scrollwork with leaves. Adding the leaves gives the design more of an intricate look and more of a dense pattern. Double doors show off this design very well with a larger presence. They can also be used as front and security doors because there is less exposed glass for an intruder to breach.

Modern Designs Mixing Large & Smaller Squares For Security

Parallel lines close together are visually interesting and great for those who like a clean line aesthetic. Our Escher styles combine those lines with a lattice design on the lower third of the door to create small squares and provide greater coverage of the glass. This creates visual interest and added security and works very well on double doors.

Traditional Styles With Spanish & Italian Flare

Infuse your home with Spanish architectural influences and intricate ironwork in the Biscay, Capella, Corsica, and Dauphine production styles. Check out how our Pianna and Melodia models combine Italian-influenced vertical lines with delicate curls at the top and bottom of the door. Complement the various shapes of windows above or on the sides of your door with the same theme of custom iron, thus creating a grander entry.

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