Choosing The Best Dog Fence

Gate With Pet Door

You’ve got the perfect canine companion. Now make sure your pet stays safe with the right type of outdoor barrier. You want to be able to let little Fido or giant Rover roam free, even on days or during times when you don’t have time for a walk. Securing your front or backyard can help discourage dognappers, protect neighbors from more aggressive breeds, and keep your furry family member from wandering off and getting lost or hurt.

At Artistic Iron Works, we’ve put together a list of features to look out for when choosing the best dog fence.

Pass On An “Invisible” Fence

You might find an invisible fencing system highly effective at keeping your dog within the bounds of your property, but who keeps dognappers, curious kids, other dogs, or wild animals out? A physical fencing system works both ways — to help protect your pet and your neighbors and discourage criminal behavior.

Fences For Climbers & Diggers

Your first thought when you think of enclosing your yard might be budget-friendly, galvanized steel chain link. Unfortunately, chain link is incredibly easy for a smart dog to climb over or dig under. Back paws can find plenty of purchase on wire mesh.

Wrought iron dog fences have vertical posts that give your pet nothing to climb and can be anchored well into the ground to discourage digging.

Got A Jumper? Get A High Fence!

If your canine loves to jump, first off, forget the barbed wire or pickets. You want to keep your dog safe, not risk unintended injury. Medium to large breeds like huskies, labs, and boxers will see a short fence as a fun barrier to jump over. Larger breeds, like poodles and Newfoundlands, can jump as high as seven feet straight up!

How high your dog can jump will be a good starting point for how high your barriers should be. Consider our custom wrought iron dog barriers if you don’t see a tall enough solution readily available.

Big Strong Dogs Need Good Fencing

Big strong breeds will sometimes get through chain link, vinyl, aluminum, and even wood by repeatedly pressing and jumping against the dog barrier. Eventually, the panels or slats between support posts will weaken, stretch, start to bend, or completely fall over.

For a more durable solution, we recommend heavy-duty wrought iron dog fences.

Smaller Gaps For Smaller Breeds

Puppies and smaller breeds may not be able to jump as high, but fluffy coats can fool you into thinking your backyard fencing is too small to slip through. A determined little dog can squeeze through small openings, climb over, or dig under a barrier that hasn’t been carefully thought out.

Custom Fences For Every Size Dog

Choosing custom wrought iron for your outdoor dog fence means you are in control of how small the spaces between each post are, the size, shape, and heights of railings, and how far down the installation goes. We can even install solid panels or iron mesh as an extra precaution at the bottom of your barrier.

Don’t Forget About The Gate

A secure dog fence will only be as effective as the gate you use to get in or out. Make sure you have strong locks or latches to protect your pet from escape, keep out unsavory characters, and to protect children, landscapers, neighbors, and anyone else who might unwittingly come into contact with your dog and get hurt.

More Than Fences & Gates

At Artistic Iron Works, we offer more than just beautiful, secure wrought iron fencing systems. Our pet products and barriers range from custom dog crates to security dog doors. Are you looking to install a secure dog run area instead of fencing in your entire yard? We can help you there too.

Order Wrought Iron Dog Fences In LV

You don’t have to settle with the limited options available at your local pet supply or big box store. Why risk ordering such an essential household product online? Stop by the Artistic Iron Works Las Vegas showroom and shop local, or contact us today to learn more about our wrought iron dog fencing options

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