4 Reasons To Choose A Wrought Iron Pet Door Or Gate

4 Reasons To Choose A Wrought Iron Pet Door Or Gate

When you’re looking for the perfect materials for a pet gate for your Las Vegas home, wrought iron may not have been the first thing that popped into your mind. Although you’re probably considering wrought iron for your pet door because it’s beautiful and looks dramatic against the Vegas landscape, there are so many other reasons why it’s a good idea.

  1. Wrought Iron Maintains More Consistent Temperatures
  2. It Protects From Unwanted Entry
  3. It Makes The Pet Gate Chew & Dig Proof
  4. It’s An Anti-Corrosive Material

1. Keeps Your Home & Pets Safe From Sizzling Temperatures

Given how hot metals can get in the sun, you may be reluctant to add any kind of metal pet gate to your Las Vegas abode. However, with options like beautiful powder coatings and the right treatment during working, this type of metal maintains a more consistent temperature in the heat.

While the desert sun will warm up this material, it doesn’t become blistering hot like aluminum and other metal building materials. You don’t have to be concerned that your pet door will burn your best furry friend on hot Vegas afternoons.

2. Safeguard Your Home & Furry Friends

While most thieves will think twice about trying to get into your home via your tiny pet door, some will try to break into your home by attempting to weaken or break down your pet door. Installing a wrought iron pet door offers you added protection against unwanted entry.

  • Wrought Iron Is Inherently Sturdy
  • An Iron Pet Door Cannot Be Easily Removed
  • It Is An Automatic Deterrent For Thieves
  • Your Pet Door Will Be Impact Resistance

3. Keep Your Escape Artist From Getting Out

Dogs want what they want when they want it. This often includes freedom beyond the gates that confine them. Some building materials are easy for pups to dig under and around. Other materials, like wood, can be chewed through.

With a little persistence, your dog can get out in a short amount of time, the space of an afternoon in some cases. The type of building materials you use to create a pet gate is one way to prevent your little escape artist from leaving the yard or getting into the wrong room.

4. Have A Safe & Strong Gate For A Long Time

If your dog does wind up chewing on a wooden pet gate, they are likely to get sick from swallowing the splinters that come from it. Wrought iron doesn’t corrode easily, and it’s easy to clean, meaning that you can keep your best friend safe for years to come with a beautiful addition to your home.

Wrought Iron Can Do It All For You

Wrought iron keeps you and yours safer, including your best friend, while being a good-looking complement to your decor. Contact Artistic Iron Works today to learn more about the possibilities. Our experts will help you find the perfect option to fit your life and your beloved pet’s needs.

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