Caring For Wrought Iron Products

Caring For Wrought Iron Products

Wrought iron products from Artistic Iron Works are strong and durable, With a little care and maintenance, you can prevent damage and keep them looking as gorgeous as the day you got them. Caring for and maintaining your wrought iron is simple, whether it is your fencing outside or pot rack in the kitchen, and will help you keep it strong and durable.

Know What To Look For To Stay Ahead Of Wear & Tear

Wrought iron is easy to take care of and will last for many years before showing too much wear. However, it is best to watch for issues that can affect the look of your piece and even the structure if it goes on for long enough.

  • Corrosion & Rust
  • Rust Stain Bleeding
  • Dry Appearance
  • Bending

Linseed Oil & Wax Prevents Corrosion

A backyard gate, fencing, or wrought iron trellis will deal with all kinds of weather that will make the metal rust and corrode, even here in sunny Las Vegas. Rubbing linseed oil, alley wax, or butcher wax onto your piece every six months will protect the surface. You only have to apply the oils and waxes for the first couple of years after installation, as the metal will develop a protective patina.

Get Rid Of Ugly Rust Stain Bleeding

When iron rusts, it can bleed through other materials to leave rust stains. You can remove small bits of rust using a wire brush and sandpaper, paint it or opt for a more permanent solution of getting it powder coated. Powder coating just needs an annual waxing to keep its color and keep you from getting rust stains.

Dry-Looking Iron Can Be Polished Back To New

Indoor wrought iron maintenance involves restoring your products when they take on a dull, dry, or faded look from dust accumulation and age. To keep that dry look from dimming your home, polish your wrought iron with furniture polish once a year or whenever it starts looking faded. If you are dealing with squeaky hinges, try oiling them with Vaseline or a commercial lubricant product designed for wrought iron.

Keep It Standing Tall By Removing Heavy Objects

When you have a beautiful fence, you may want to add to that by hanging cool signs or pots for plants along the posts. However, the weight of these objects, especially wet potting soil in large pots, can bend thinner wrought iron posts. If the fence post does bend, remove the heavy object before consulting a professional who can examine the damage and offer the best solution for restoration.

Make Your Iron Last By Maintaining It

Wrought iron can last for decades with proper care. Set up a yearly maintenance schedule and visually inspect all your metal products for any signs of rust or damage. Artistic Iron Works will help you know the best ways to care for your specific pieces when you come by or reach out to us. We also know the best ways to restore and repair any damage.

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