Transform Your Backyard With A Wrought Iron Trellis

Transform Your Backyard With Wrought Iron Trellis

Adding a wrought iron trellis can transform your backyard by complimenting what you already have and giving you more options in what to add. Trellises and arbors are incredibly versatile and can be used as a striking centerpiece or support for climbing plants, adding beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. Both urban and rural homes will benefit from a wrought iron trellis or arbor.

An Arbor Draws The Eye To Where You Want It

We often think of desert landscapes as wide open with nothing more than a cactus or rock providing interest. However, when you add an arbor or trellis to your yard, you add elevation and intrigue. It gives a focal point for plantings of shrubs, climbing vines, flowers, and fountains that will transform your space into one full of cool colors and welcoming vibes. Birds, bees, and other beneficial insects will find a home in your new garden.

What Type Of Plants Grow Well On A Trellis?

Even in the desert or trying out xeriscaping, there are many beautiful plants that will set off your trellis’ looks. The Lady Banks or Tombstone rose creates a riot of color and rich aromas on your trellis. Arizona Grape Ivy creates shade as it climbs over the arbor to protect more delicate plantings. Hummingbirds are huge fans of Coral or Queens Wreath Vine with its pink blooms and bright green foliage.

Custom Wrought Iron Lasts Longer Than Wood

While wood trellises are fairly common and economical, they will dry and rot out under the hot Las Vegas sun. A wrought iron arbor can last a lifetime when properly cared for while it adds a unique look to your home.

Design The Trellis Or Arbor That Fits Your Space

With custom wrought iron work, you can decide what features of your yard you want to draw attention to. Frame your yard gate with an arch in wrought iron where a flowering vine will welcome your guests. Create a beautiful outdoor dining area with a trellis that can be draped with fairy lights. Anchor your water feature with a contemporary structure that complements your home design while bringing height and interest to your rock garden.

Create A Captivating Garden Space With A Wrought Iron Trellis

With their intricate designs and durability, a trellis or arbor is sure to add lasting beauty and a touch of sophistication to your garden landscape. Their versatility as an eye-catching focal point or functional support for climbing plants brings a new level of charm and allure to outdoor spaces. The experts at Artistic Iron Works will help you discover the benefits of adding this standalone feature to your urban or rural Las Vegas garden or yard.

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