7 Security Door Designs To Match Your Home

7 Security Door Designs That Match Your Home’s Style

Security doors help you protect your property and family. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for an eyesore of an entryway that takes away from your curb appeal. At Artistic Iron Works, we can complete your security door installation with any one of our seven different styles to match your home’s exterior.

  1. Traditional
  2. Modern
  3. Scrollwork
  4. Econo-Line
  5. Nature Inspired
  6. Plasma-Cut
  7. Custom Ironwork

1. Traditional

A traditional-style security door is just like it sounds. It creates an immediate sense of comfort and warmth. Styles like Americana, Crescente, Gentry, and Marrakesh are a wonderful reminder that traditional can still be beautiful. These designs compliment many of the architectural styles we see throughout the Vegas Valley.

  • Tudor
  • Ranch
  • Spanish
  • Southwest
  • Rustic

2. Modern

A modern-style home deserves a modern-looking security door. Doors and gates in this style feature geometric shapes – from lines and circles to ovals and diamonds. Whether you go sleek and minimalistic with Asford or Escher or with pops of fun shapes with looks like Carnivale, Geneva, or Viva, you are sure to make a statement from the moment your guests arrive.

  • Art Deco
  • Contemporary
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Modern

3. Scrollwork

Scrollwork involves beautiful flowy lines, swirls, and whirls. The intricate ironwork in Duchess, Monaco, Papillion, and Ricci are simply beautiful to look at. This security door style works well when you want a more elegant, ornate look.

  • Victorian
  • Mediterranean
  • Florida
  • French Country
  • Tuscan

4. Econo-Line

Our Econo-Line style of security doors perfectly blends traditional, modern, and scrollwork designs. For those who can’t decide between one style or another, this affordable line is a great place to start your browsing.

5. Nature Inspired

If you want to bring a little more mother nature to your home’s exterior, cacti, deserts, sun rays, vines, animals, flowers, and other nature-inspired scenes are all available from our nature-inspired line of security doors. There is a look in this collection for every size and style of house.

6. Plasma-Cut

Plasma-cut iron security doors highlight a variety of intricately cut shapes and scenes. Some of our most popular designs include our Aloha collection (palm trees), Desert Vista (sun rays), and Texas Star (the iconic star).

7. Custom Ironwork (Bespoke)

Our team at Artistic Iron Works can also create custom metalwork security doors to your specifications. We can plasma cut any design into your door and powder coat it in one of the many colors we offer. You can also request a solar screen instead of a typical iron mesh or glass design.

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