6 Tips To Pick The Right Ornamental Iron Fencing

Decorative Wrought Iron Fencing

Create the ornamental fencing you envision for your property in and around Las Vegas. Our custom designs at Artistic Iron Works are works of art yet also offer quality and security as benefits to your property.

6 Tips For Choosing Ornamental Iron Fencing

  • Your Property’s Aesthetic
  • Privacy Or Not?
  • Ornamental Design Choice
  • Cost Considerations
  • Gates For Enhanced Security
  • Why Install a Fence?

1. Modern Buildings Modern Fences

Consider your home’s aesthetic. Consider choosing a wrought iron style that is in keeping with your existing style so as to enhance and complement your present home. Would the motif and design of the fencing you’re considering complement or detract from the current look of your home? Consider options that will add to your curb appeal, and increase your home’s value.

2. Preserve Your Privacy Or Show Off The Space

Would you like your fence to ensure privacy? You may be able to achieve different levels of privacy based on your ornamental choice of design. Due to its open nature, this type of fencing may be more likely to attract prying eyes. We’ll work with you to create the height and tightness of the design to achieve a level of privacy your family can enjoy.

3. Sharp Lines Or Sweeping Curves – The Choice Is Yours

Clients are surprised by the breadth of choice available in ornamental fencing design. Options include modern and contemporary styles and classic styles. Our team of artisans creates classic scrollwork with intricate detail or bold geometric patterns. You’ll be impressed with the accuracy of our plasma-cut technology to turn out various patterns.

4. Quality Fencing That Lasts

Wrought iron is in high demand and your initial purchase expense may be more than the cost of a wooden perimeter. However, homeowners benefit from the longevity of ornamental iron fencing, which makes this a great investment for your property. Wood deteriorates more quickly so the cost of repairs may exceed that of wrought iron gating over time.

5. Iron Gates For Enhanced Security

Level up the security and wow factor of your home’s curb appeal. We can place plasma-cut designs on a more solid gate to complement your enclosure. This can be done with a pool gate or the gate for your driveway. Powder-coated finishes can be perfectly matched and fitted to your fence.

6. Why Install An Iron Fence?

Homeowners have a variety of reasons to use a fence. The most common reason is to enclose a yard although pool areas are popular too. Keep in mind that placing a wrought iron gate too close to a heavily watered garden area can introduce rust and shorten its lifespan.

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