5 Reasons You Need Solar Screens

Solar Screens

Houses need solar screens just as cars need window tint. Our desert environment can be harsh on our homes and businesses. Have you considered adding a layer of protection by installing solar screens to your windows and doors?

Benefits of Solar Screens for Windows and Doors

The advantages of installing solar shields at your home or business will reach beyond simply offering shade and blocking glare. You will appreciate practical benefits such as these:

  • Protect Your Furniture
  • Privacy
  • Dependable Protection
  • Savings On Utility Bills
  • Durability

Protect Your Interior Furnishings

Ultraviolet radiation shines through glass windows and doors, causing damage to leather furniture, wood floorboards, and artwork. Solar barriers on your doors and windows will block much of this radiation, extending the life of your home furniture.


Let the breeze refresh your home’s interior in the spring or fall by opening a few doors and windows. Solar screens let the air flow inside while shielding you from your neighbor’s view.

Dependable Protection

Solar shields can help keep your small children and pets securely inside the house while keeping intruders out. This kind of protection provides your family with added security. They can also help to protect your home from an invasion of pests.

Save On Utility Bills

Everyone can benefit from this. Conserve energy and save money on your summer utility bills when you add solar screens to your home or business. They can block up to 90% of the sun’s heat.


You need a durable screen if your pet scratches the door. Solar barriers can also withstand extreme weather, and they last far longer than regular screen doors and windows.

Artistic Iron Works Solar Screens Are Unique

Our solar shades consist of durable iron security bars and perforated metal screens. They provide lasting protection and all the benefits listed above. Choosing custom screens will give you the size and the look you need for each window or door.

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