5 Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Benefits Of Wrought Iron Fencing

When comparing fencing choices for your Las Vegas home, what benefits come with a custom wrought iron design from Artistic Iron Works? Discover the top 5 reasons that homeowners install one of our beautiful and unique fencing systems around their property.

Timeless Designs That Last

When you imagine an elegant private residence, it likely is surrounded by wrought iron fencing installed sometime in the last two centuries. Your fence can be painted and repaired to maintain its like-new appearance as long as your house will stand.

An Eco-Friendly Option For Now And The Future

Iron fencing uses no plastics or fossil fuel products to create its durable structure. When it is time to retire your fence, it can easily be recycled into railing or other iron products. It will never have to end up in a landfill.

Customized To Suit Your Style

Using modern manufacturing techniques, lasers, and computer-aided design, you can order a custom wrought iron fence in nearly any style that you desire. Add monograms, leaves, animals, or geometric accents. Your options are endless. Color? Enameled paint will add sizzle to your property. Shape? Iron can be bent or cut into any figure that you can imagine.

  • Contemporary and clean looks
  • Traditional twisted
  • The elegant look of ivy or floral motifs
  • Repeating geometric shapes
  • Matching gates, railings, and architectural accents

Secure And Strong

A wrought iron fence will withstand nearly every kind of calamity. Its tensile strength helps it to stand up to high winds and torrential downpours. Thieves will need to use more than wire clippers to break past its thick bars. If you install it on top of concrete blocks, it can even survive the impact of a minor car accident.

Able To Resist Damage From Desert Heat And Sun

Unlike vinyl or PVC fencing, iron will never fade, age, or deform due to the intense rays of the Las Vegas sunshine. No matter how hot the desert gets, your fence will maintain its original shape, color, and rigidity.

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